Friday, December 30, 2011

rocky's favorite album of 2011

Wooden Shjips, West (Thrill Jockey 279). There's really nothing new under the sun in terms of rock music. West is derivative as all get out. The drone-like guitar riffs, the simple organ lines, the fuzzed-out guitar solos, and echo-laden vocals remind you of the VU (electric White Light/White Heat era), The Doors and other psych bands of the 60s, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Wooden Shjips mines the same rock territory as The Black Angels, but is heavier on the boogie factor. (One song on West even sounds like early ZZ Top covered by VU.) That counts for a lot in rocky's book. It ain't original, but it's really catchy, blissed-out stoner rock.

(Note: The sound quality is overly compressed like a lot of modern recordings, but it does come on orange vinyl.)

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