Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rocky Laughs at Himself and Then Wonders

Methinks Alex Braun in his article "I Own a Turntable, Therefore I Am Better than You" is poking fun at people like me. Have I ever said anything like:

One time I saw you at Best Buy checking out a plastic minisystem. I was on my way to the high-end Magnolia department – not to buy anything, of course, but merely to laugh at it. All in all, I considered the trip to be a rather amusing safari into the world of big-box retail and mass consumerism. I learned much about your kind. I learned that you do not have a turntable, and I do.

Really? Get outta here.

A Visit to Brokeland Records

"They were worth only what you would pay for them; what small piece of everything you had ever lost that, you might come to believe, they would restore to you. Their value was indexed only to the sense of personal completeness, perfection of the soul, that would flood you when, at last, you filled the last gap on your checklist."  -- Michael Chabon, Telegraph Avenue