Friday, December 30, 2011

Album Cover Gallery: Changing Dirty Covers

Obviously the banned cover is on the left and the replacement on the right.

What's wrong with a photo of a topless adolescent girl playing with a phallic plane? Apparently Atlantic Records didn't have a legal department

Guns N' Roses didn't win over many people by trying to raise public awareness of the problem of robot rape in this world

Nudies OK in England and Germany, but not so in the USA. Hendrix reportedly hated the nudie cover for Electric Ladyland.

A different kind of raciness: Miles was livid when he saw the cover of Miles Ahead had a white woman on it. He demanded the cover be replaced, but a few thousand of the first run made it to the public. All subsequent women on Davis's album covers were black, including his wife on Someday My Prince Will Come and his friend actress Cicely Tyson on Sorcerer. I like this juxtaposition of the two covers--it looks like an angry Miles is trying to blow the white woman off the boat with his trumpet.

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