Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Recent Acquisitions: December 2, 2009

Radio Moscow, Radio Moscow (Alive Records, new, $6). This copy of their debut is pressed on pink vinyl. My copy of their second album is on lilac-colored vinyl. Do I see fuchsia vinyl for their next release?
Editors, An End Has a Start (Fader, new, $8). A while ago, I expressed hopes for an Echo-and-the-Bunnymen revival. Well, here it is.
Klaus Schulze, Timewind (Brain, original German pressing, $7.50). I bought this because it was on the German Brain label, which is to 70s krautrock as SST is to 80s punk rock. This is another foray into ambient music. Schulze is another discovery for me. If you can imagine the spacey synth interludes of Dark Side of the Moon stretched to fill an entire album, it would be something like Timewind.
Lee Morgan, Cornbread (Blue Note, 70s reissue with blue label, $12). About five years ago I had a copy of this album in my hands at Amoeba, but decided to put it back in the bin. As soon as I returned it, the guy standing next to me snatched it up. I’ve looked back at that moment regretfully. Has it been completely rectified now? Even though I now have a vinyl copy of Cornbread I still feel a sense of loss about that moment at Amoeba.
Sonny Rollins, Vol. 2 (Blue Note, late 60s reissue with Division of Liberty Records label, $16). This is a regular 33rpm version to play when I don’t feel like listening to my 45rpm audiophile pressing.
Cal Tjader, Plays Mambo (Fantasy, mono original pressing on red vinyl, $12). If I ever hosted a party for imps and pixies, this album would be on the turntable as quickly as you can say “fabulist's fantasy farts!”
Lalo Schifrin, Brilliance (Roulette, original stereo pressing, $8). It's an apt album title, although not as clever as There's a Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On.
Duke Ellington, Piano in the Foreground (Columbia, stereo 2-eye label, $8). Duke playing a rare trio date in a pensive mood.
Donald Byrd, Catwalk (Blue Note, 70s reissue on blue label, $10).
Hank Mobley, Roll Call (Blue Note/Music Matters reissue on 180-gm, 45-rpm vinyl, new, $50).
Wayne Shorter, Juju (Blue Note/Music Matters reissue on 180-gm, 45-rpm vinyl, new, $50).
Isley Brothers, Doin’ Their Thing (Motown, $1). There's a thrift shop in town operated by a women's shelter. Judging by their record selection, most of their donations come from Christian fundamentalists (who listened to a lot of Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Tennessee Ernie Ford) and aging soulsters (who listened to a lot of Patti LaBelle and the Isley Brothers).

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