Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dollar Records

One of the consequences of the vinyl revival is the dearth of decent finds in the dollar bins. Albums that once could be found for a dollar are now selling for $3 and up. So I was really surprised by the following albums dug up for a dollar:

Minutemen, Double Nickels on the Dime (SST, 2-LP). Yeah, I already own this, but I couldn't pass up a second copy for a dollar. Here's something that non-vinyl listeners miss out on: the messages scrawled into the dead wax of most SST albums. On the four sides of Double Nickel, the Minutemen pronounce: "ARENA ROCK IS THE NEW WAVE"; "PUNK ROCK IS THE NEW NOSTALGIA"; "DANCE ROCK IS THE NEW PASTURE"; and "CHUMP ROCK IS THE NEW COOL".

Waylon Jennings, Ramblin' Man (RCA, orange label). Great music for drinking beer by.

Run DMC, Run DMC (Profile label). Alright! Old school rap. Rocky needs a track suit to wear for listening to this album.

The Happenings, Bye-Bye, So Long, Farewell... See You in September (B.T. Puppy Records, mono). From the liner notes on the back cover: "An exceptional group HAPPENING now looks for larger goals. 1st - meeting the many happeningpeople, especially the happeninggirls, to whom the guys say a very special, a warm HELLO". I'd hate to think what their smaller goals were--perhaps: "Make a delicious sandwich." Then they realized, man, this ain't a happeningsandwich.

The Doors, The Doors (Elektra, brown label, mono). The mono pressing of this album is relatively rare. This is only the second copy I've seen. The mono mix is different from the stereo mix that everyone is familiar with, including extra lines in "The End".

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