Monday, January 24, 2011

Alternate Worlds: Musical Points of Interest Off the Beaten Track

Dave Alexander, Dirt on the Ground - Amazing blues piano from this little-known blues man from Texas by way of Oakland, CA. Recorded a couple of albums on the Arhoolie label in the early 70s, before he changed his name to Omar Shariff. Which gives me an idea--from now on, I will only answer to the name Dr. Zhivago.

Johnny Griffin, The Kerry Dancers - If jazz musicians from Chicago had joined the Axis powers to conquer the British Isles, all English folk songs would sound this awesome.

And we would've had Amon Duul II instead of The Grateful Dead

Amon Duul II, Yeti - If they ever make a horror movie about hippies taking over the world, this should be the soundtrack. Two thumbs up!

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