Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recent Acquisitions: 4-11-10

Went to my first record swap of the year. Picked up a few things to fill in gaps in my collection.

Curtis Mayfield, Curtis (Curtom, $5). I've been looking for an original pressing in good condition of Mayfield's debut album for a long time. Bingo! This is one of my favorite record covers of all time. It's got such a hip, sunshiney feel--the yellow suit, Mayfield's reclining pose, the distorted perspective, and the bright sunlight coming from just outside the frame.

Al Green, Green Is Blues (Hi Records, $2.50). It's been a while since I've added to my Al Green Hi Records collection.

Lalo Schifrin, Music from Mission: Impossible (Dot Records, $2.50). Dum..Dum..da.dum..Dum..Dum..da.dum..Dum..Dum..da.dum..dadadadummmm,dadadadummmm. 'nuf said.

Van Morrison, Astral Weeks (Warner Brothers, W7 label, $5). This is, I think, the fifth copy of this album I've bought and the second original pressing. My other original pressing is fine, except it has an edge warp which gives the needle a wild roller coaster ride on the first track. This copy is flat.

Buffalo Springfield, Last Time Around (Atco, purple and brown label, $2.50). The last of BS's three studio albums and the last one to make it into my collection.

David Bowie, Images 1966-1967 (London, 2-LP, $5). Before Bowie discovered glam, he was a folky hippie. This collection of his early songs is bound to be bad, but I hold out hope that it'll surprise me.

Roxy Music, Roxy Music (Reprise, original pressing, $10). Growing up in the 70s, it seemed like the world was full of Roxy Music LPs. Yet these days the early Roxy Music albums seem hard to come by. My early memories of their plenitude prevent me from paying more than ten bucks for a copy. Even that's probably too much. Why do I even bother?

Brian Eno, Before and After Science (Island, $5). We're in the "after science" phase. No, the album's not about Sarah Palin and Christian fundamentalists. Wouldn't it be fun though to take these so-called "christians" who defend Bush-Cheney torture techniques and subject them to Brian Eno albums played at 100 dBs 24 hours a day? Just a thought.

Eno Moebius Roedelius, After the Heat (Sky, German pressing, $5). I really liked Eno's collaboration with Cluster, so I thought I'd give this one a try. (Note: These ambient albums by Eno shouldn't be used for the enhanced interrogation of "christians". Too tranquil.)

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