Friday, July 31, 2009

Album Cover Gallery: Andy Warhol

It's appropriate that the king of Pop Art designed a number of album covers. Here are some examples:

Warhol drawings grace a few early Blue Note titles. This Burrell album was released in 1958. Warhol was doing graphic design for advertisements at the time, similar in style to the Blue Note drawings.
One of his most famous album covers, this Japanese reissue has a peelable banana just like the original.

The Sticky Fingers cover has the notorious bulge of a man rocket in the crotch. Of interest to record collectors, original pressings have a working zipper.

This second cover for the Stones is probably most representative of Warhol's famous portrait style. He did similar covers for Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross (without the biting).

Warhol didn't actually design this Smiths cover. It's a still of Joe Dellasandro from the Warhol flick Flesh.

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