Saturday, April 25, 2009

Album Cover Gallery: Hipgnotic Art

Hipgnosis was an English design team that created some of the most recognized rock album covers of the 70s, including Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and T. Rex's Electric Warrior. They did some truly creative photographic work, much of it involving manipulations in the darkroom, e.g., extra color saturation for a hyper- or sur-real effect. (This was before Photoshop.) A few examples are posted below.

If you ask me, this cover of Led Zeppelin's Presence is much creepier than the cartoonish satanic and monster images found on a lot of metal albums.

This is an original pressing of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother. Later pressings had the album title and band name added to the cover, across the top.

If you look closely in the top half of the interior bulb, there's an image of the band.

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