Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Week's Acquisitions (Presidential Inauguration Edition)

Freddie Hubbard, Keep Your Soul Together (CTI, RVG in dead wax, $6). Obama would probably dig the mellow, funky jazz of mid-70's Hubbard. The album title is kind of Obama-style.

Syl Johnson, Total Explosion (Hi Records, $5). Michelle Obama would probably go for the straight soul of fellow Chicagoan Syl Johnson, with a slightly sexy edge and a great cover of Al Green's "Take Me to the River". They should've danced to that at the inaugural balls instead of those lame-ass songs.

Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cosmos Factory (Fantasy blue label, original pressing, $5). Jimmy Carter's from southwest Georgia. That's pretty close to being born on the bayou. I bet Carter likes his rock music pretty rootsy or at least legumy.

The Doors, The Soft Parade (Elektra, big "E" red label, original pressing, $2, to replace a worn-out copy). Bill Clinton probably got stoned listening to The Doors some time in his life. "Touch Me" would be a great theme song for him.

Run-DMC, Raising Hell (Profile Records, $3). This one is for Teddy Roosevelt all the way.

Mongo Santamaria, Live at the Village Gate (Columbia, stereo 2-eye label, $1). W. would love this album. It's got congas. "Mongo" would be a good nickname for W.

Debussy/Ravel, Quartets, Quartetto Italiano (Philips, $4). The only president who I can imagine enjoying this music is francophile Jefferson and perhaps FDR after he was confined to a wheelchair and could no longer jitterbug.

Debussy, Images, Munch/Boston Symphony Orchestra (RCA Victrola plum label, $2). See above.

Ravel/Prokofiev, Piano Concertos, Nicole Henriot-Schweitzer, Munch/BSO (RCA Vic plum label, $2). I can picture Reagan listening to this just to get all riled up to hate on the French and the Russians. There's some dissonance in this music that would get under the skin of someone who grew up listening to Lawrence Welk.

Paul McCartney, Amoeba's Secret, (MBL, vinyl-only limited edition of an unannounced Macca performance at the Hollywood Amoeba, $9). This is a 4-song EP bought for a friend who's the biggest-Beatles-fan-who-had-never-heard-of-this-album-until-a-non-Beatles-fan-friend-told-him-about-it. Not sure why I think Hillary Clinton is a huge McCartney fan. Could it be they share a fondness for the mullet hair style?

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